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McKeown's Price guide to antique & classic cameras, 9th edition (1994) 

by Jim McKeown 

This book is the most complete source for prices of more than 9 000 cameras.

Kodak cameras - The first hundred years (1988) 

by Brian Coe 

The best reference for technical data on Kodak cameras made between 1888 and 1988.

McKeown's Price guide to antique & classic cameras, 7th edition (1989) 

by Jim McKeown 

Good section on lenses.

Collector`s guide to Kodak cameras (1981) 

by Jim & Joan McKeown 

Very good reference for technical data and original prices for each Kodak camera.

110 format photography, Petersen's How-to Photographic library (1976) 

by Kalton C. Lahue 

Good reference, though a bit old, for 110 cameras.

The first-time collector's guide to classic cameras (1994) 

by Kate Rouse 

Very good for beginners.  Pertinent to every type of cameras.  Nice pictures.  Also available in French.

L'appareil photo - Une histoire illustrée (1978) 

by Brian Coe 

Good text on history of a lot of landmark cameras. (in french, but available in english also)

Photo Instantanée (1979) 

by R. Bouillot & R. Delaye 

Gives info on instant cameras of many brands available in 1979.  (in french)

Cameras, Macchine Fotografiche

by Prince R. de Croÿ-Roeulx 

Nice pictures of many interesting cameras.  Brief history of the camera.  (in english and italian)

Illustrated catalog of photographic equipments and materials for amateurs (c1891) 

by E & HT Anthony & Co. 

Reprint of an old catalog from one of Ansco's predecessors.

Products of vision (1988) 

by the California Museum of Photography 

Commented directory of the Zeiss-Ikon cameras in the museum's collection.

Argus  (Very good section on the camera history)

Kodak's AA-13 brochure (A complete listing)

The Land List -- A Quick Guide to Polaroid Land Cameras (Unauthorized site, the most complete source that we know of))

And a few others.

Complete bibliography is available upon request.

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