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Welcome to this website dedicated to our camera collection.  If you want to include our collection to your bookmarks, now is the time to do it, this page being the hub of this site . 

At this time, our collection is comprised of 919 cameras, including 395 KODAK, 52 Polaroid, 33 Herbert George or Imperial, 225 single-use cameras and many promotional cameras. We also have a lot of accessories, toys and advertisement articles.  It is in constant evolution (but at variable speed...).  Certain cameras are acquired because we fell in love with them, others to complete a series but some of them are acquired simply by social conscience, so they are not forgotten... 

We suggest you two ways of browsing through our collection.  The first one is to look at our inventory page by clicking on the "Collection" button on the left.  The second one is to browse by families.  We have grouped some cameras by similarities for comparison.  Have a look!

In this site, you will find pictures of our most interesting cameras, the funny ones and the rarest (by pride, probably).  Most of our pages are bilingual to keep us from having to keep two parallel databases and avoid any inconsistencies between the two.  Additionally, this allows us to reach a larger audience, but a link to a page in English is always offered.  Please forgive the occasional heaviness of the bilingual text. 

All the informations in this site may be reproduced providing that a mention of this site is made or a link is established and that no money is asked in exchange.  The information is as accurate as possible.  Most of it has been gathered by consulting one or more of our reference books.

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